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The Benefits of Choosing Dr. Wibby's Office

The Benefits of Choosing This Office

Simply put, we get results. Many years of experience have taught us how to put it all together and make it work. Having a vision of where we want to go is essential. Crisis dentistry, hit or miss dentistry does not work in the long run. You may solve your problems temporarily but unless you have a long range plan, it will generally fail.

We want to show you how to get results that last.

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Silver Fillings - Why You Shouldn't Have Them In Your Mouth

There are three reasons to remove silver fillings.

1. Mercury. Silver fillings have high mercury content. The effect of the mercury on our immune system is certainly questionable.

2. Fractured teeth. The rapid expansion and contraction of these metal fillings results often in tooth fractures. I haven’t seen a single fracture as a result of the newer composite, bonded restorations.

3. Loose fillings. Leakage with the constant expansion and contraction, the fillings loosen and they leak, resulting in areas of hidden decay.

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